Always a beautiful day for a run!

    I loooove to run!! I have decided to blog about  a recent run because someone mentioned to me that they found it was interesting that I “do things” while I run. This is true. I will often answer a text, take a call if I have to and stop to smell the flowers. I sometimes take photos and I will stop to chat with people. Does this interrupt of affect my run? Heck no! I enjoy the whole experience.

    This is a shot I took while running along a field at the beginning of a long 20k run into town. By the way, I love cows, I find them interesting and somewhat cute, which is a little disturbing since I do enjoy a juicy steak now and then.

    You see… Running is very calming and relaxing to me. I know that perhaps some of you might be wondering, how running is “relaxing”. I could go into the scientific relationship of it all but quite simply there are a few things that send me to my happy place; Adrenaline pumping and endorphins circulating in my body allow for clarity of my thoughts. Being at peace with myself and the world around me, I detoxify and rid my body of any negative feelings that I may have lingering that day. Breathing in fresh mountain air on a warm day with everything that mother nature has to offer, ahhhhhh.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite capture the sounds of frogs croaking on this beautiful day.. you just may have go out running too 🙂

    This next shot is of the Sheep River that I often run along. On a hot day it is generally jam-packed full of children playing, families and friends floating down stream. Often you can see many creatures bathing, cooling off or drinking from the green-colored water. This connection with nature’s beauty allows for much peace and tranquility.


    Running itself can be very grounding. Grounding meaning that connection with mother earth that I have written about. Perhaps why the new trend of barefoot running has become so popular these days. I vaguely remember as a kid, my friends would be running around barefoot and I always had something on my feet, except in the river though… maybe I will give it a try some day.


    Now don’t get me wrong, although I am not super competitive, I definitely do enjoy a good, hard run/workout once in a while. Like during a race or I will often mix it up with some sprints, maybe some hills and of course, stair reps.

    The photo on the left, are some stairs that I like to often throw into a long run. An excellent addition to building stamina and losing some “winter coating” 😉

    Until next time, happy trails!

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