Cows Milk… great for a baby cow, does it benefit us?

Milk was the first food introduced to us, we associate it with nourishment, comfort, love and innocence. Although, a mother’s milk is very different from cow’s milk, here is why:

-Cow’s milk has roughly 3 times more protein and almost 4 times more calcium than human milk. These protein molecules are very large. Rightfully so, they are meant to support the growth and development of calves.

– The ratio of calcium to phosphorous should be 2:1 to provide a good source of calcium. Cow’s milk ratio is 1.27:1. This is not the correct ratio for proper absorption.

– The concentration of sugars in the milk can affect mineral balance. The enzyme lactase that is needed to absorb the milk sugar is lost in approximately 70% of humans past the age of 5.

– Over-consumption of dairy has been associated with allergies, asthma, strep throat, tonsillitis, ear infections, acne and obesity to name a few. This would suggest that the organs of elimination are stressed.

Statistically in our western society, we have the highest rate of cow’s milk drinkers and one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.  Go figure.


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