Fad Diets and Nutrition Scams, are YOU a sucker?

    Ever wonder why super shakes, fad diets and nutrition SCAMS never seem to stick around long?

    Statistics show that a whopping 95% of Fad diets fail!

    For good reason (s).

    1. High protein diets, low carb diets, super shakes, calorie limited diets, soup diets… they are designed to achieve fast results, which most of them do. However, the problem is that generally within a year or even less, the weight creeps back and more often than not, more is gained. Fad diets do not support balance in the body, thus adding stress to vital organs and the digestive system, perhaps why the human body is unable to maintain its loss and worse, resulting in long term damage.

    2. Someone is getting rich! Let me ask this? If the diet really works and actually promotes true health and lasting weight loss, would you need to buy more of the product or pay to join the fun every year? Most likely not. But sadly so many people get suckered in for the quick fix and these multi-billion dollar companies come out on top.

    The human body has an amazing ability to maintain homeostasis. (balance) When this is interrupted by a drastic diet change, several problems occur within depending on what the particular diet entails. How about all the synthetic “vitamins and minerals” the products claim to contain. Or how about the enhanced flavours, dyes and chemicals that are added to these shakes? It has to taste good somehow. Be aware, they are not only stealing your hard earned money, but sadly at the cost of your health.

    Remember, true health is a holistic life-long journey. The enjoyment and satisfaction is the process of getting there. Proper education, perseverance and self responsibility are key. Don’t take the short cut… because your health matters. Book with me today and lets get you started… what are you waiting for?

    FYI: Workshops and classes starting this March, 2012! Email me if you would like to be put on the priority mailing list. (Don’t worry, I won’t be harassing you!) Advance registration is required. For more information, please contact my office.¬†

    To your best health, Carrie

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