FATTENING UP YOUR MEAT- How do you like your cow?

    In western Canada, cattle are finished with a barley-based feed that creates white-colored fat. Cattle finished in central and eastern Canada are finished with corn and barley.

    • grain-fed– this means: fed grain feed, starts out on grass as calves; switched to grain to facilitate weight gain
    • grass-fed– this means: fed only grass or forage, grass-fed most of their lives, but may be finished on grains for the last 90-160 days before slaughter to facilitate weight gain
    • grain-finished– this means: fattened on grain, may be grass-fed and/or grain-fed during their lifetime; are fed grain for the last 90-160 days before slaughter
    • grass-finished– this means: fattened on grass; may be grass-fed or grain-fed during their lifetime, are fed grass for at least the last 90-160 days before slaughter.

    To be certified organic, cattle must be fed strictly organic certified feed that’s been harvested and processed in organic certified facilities.

    Personally, I like my cow local and free range, that is raised in a pasture and able to eat bugs and grass 🙂

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    1. Me too, very difficult to find, but not impossible.

      I also prefer my meat to have no human growth hormones or super shots of antibiotics, however a good portion of our meat is brought from across the border alive and ‘finished’ here so the ‘no HCG’ rule in Canada doesn’t apply.

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