Healthy Weight Loss – We Can Help

It is common to think in order to lose excess weight, we must eat less fat and exercise more. Reducing the fat in our food and working out everyday will eliminate extra fat cells and allow us to be thin, right? Wrong.

Various factors can contribute to increased fat storage. Fat stores can increase when the mind or physical body is under ‘stress’. When certain organ processes become imbalanced, this creates a greater demand on the rest of the body resulting in increased fat storage. Nutrient deficiencies, digestive problems, sensitivities and other health issues such as candida may also play a role with extra fat accumulation. Excess ‘non-food’, sugar, chemicals and additives that are not efficiently detoxified may also create imbalances and contribute to unwanted weight gain. Did you also know that fat cells naturally increase during infancy, adolescence, pregnancy and menopause. In fact, even too much exercise can increase body fat as well. So what now?

The good news, we can help. Our thorough health assessments are designed to investigate all of these factors. Through individual analysis we can identify many imbalances that are happening within the body. Restoring balance to both the mind and body will result in healthy weight loss and maintenance. Contact Carrie and take advantage of our weight loss plan today!


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