Mmmmmm… Apples!

Believe it or not, one of my favourite foods these days is apples! My clients often ask me for a quick nutritious snack food that they can enjoy as much as their kids. I must admit, as a kid, I hated apples. I can remember the days of opening up my lunch kit at school every other day to find the dreaded APPLE.  And guess what? Everyday I would toss it in the garbage. (sorry mom) Why? Cause it had no flavour, was not at all appealing and served no use to me. It was on the very top of my list of THE MOST BORING FOODS!

Times have changed for me and my family as we enjoy the full flavours of organically grown food. This means food with nutrients AND flavour! While I now enjoy an apple for an apple, the way it is meant to be, I sometimes must get creative when feeding the kids.  And let’s face it, I enjoy a little treat once in while too. (Ask me about my raw chocolate later!)

Quite honestly, if you haven’t had the pleasure of eating an organically grown apple, you really don’t know what you’re missing. So here is my super easy assembly instructions for this delicious, bursting with flavour wholesome snack. An absolute must for healthy digestion 🙂

apple snackJPG

How to prepare:

1. Cut up the organic apple (whatever variety your prefer) into several bite size wedges. Skin on, cleaned well with vinegar and water to remove any residue that may be left behind. Transfer apple pieces to large glass bowl.

2. Cut a fresh organic lemon in half and squeeze the juice over all the apple pieces. Mix well and sprinkle with some powdered cinnamon.

3. Assemble on your favourite plate or in a glass container, ready for lunch or snack time.

OPTIONAL: Add a dollop of almond or other nut butter for dipping. (I like almond-hazelnut these days) Avoid peanut butter.

Apple almond hazelnut snack


Apples have a low glycemic load and make excellent additions to snacks, lunch and dinner. Pectin, which is the soluble fibre found in the apple binds to cholesterol and supports healthy digestion. 



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