Spring is finally here, so STOP procrastinating.

    Did you know that Spring is the best time to cleanse your system and renew your health?

    Our bodies do a natural “shift” over to the new season, we start to shed the “winter coat”, this being the sub cutaneous fat beneath the skin that is meant to protect and warm our bodies. Metabolism is reved up and energy renewed as we embrace the new season with delicious wholesome, fresh, live foods. Well at least this is supposed to be the process.

    FACT: Excuses, laziness and lack of responsibility for one’s own body = toxic load. Most people are well aware of basic healthy foods that are good for the body. Question is, why are they not being consumed? It is simply a choice, and maybe an addiction for some. The good news is that these food addictions can be overcome and choices can be made.

    It is important to remember that you hold the key to your own success!

    Developing a game plan is essential for success. Fit it in, do it and follow through. Get up every morning look in the mirror, be proud of who you are and enjoy each day with a smile, or a few 😉 Before you know it, you will feel alive and have more energy, but only when the body is properly nourished. When the body is allowed undernourishment, it will use up the only vital nutrients it can find and leaves behind illness, intense cravings and imbalances.

    Six Easy Steps To Good Health:

    Step 1: Nourish your body, throw out all non-food. Get it out of your house. If you crave
    it, if it makes you fat or sick, pitch it! Stock up with fresh, wholesome, live foods that supply vital nutrients to the body.

    Step 2: Exercise. Without moving your body, your lymphatic system cannot “clean itself”. You simply cannot have a well functioning metabolism without exercise. And without the step 1, you cannot do this one well. Choose an activity YOU like. Walk, run, jog, bike, swim, sports, join a gym, hike whatever makes you feel good… make it a part of your routine.

    Step 3: Set a goal for yourself. Be specific for example, wearing a bikini this summer, completing a race, learning a new sport, active family day, overcome a craving, lower blood pressure … whatever you do, DO NOT weigh yourself, this may be the thing to do on biggest loser or some other weight loss show but it can be ineffective in many ways. Throw out your scale, you will just set yourself up for failure.

    Step 4: No excuses. You are not allowed to say or think the following 4 phrases no matter what…“I can’t”, “I don’t have time today”, “I don’t feel like it”. “There is a TV show on that I have to watch.”

    Step 5: Hook up with a buddy or involve the whole family. Companionship is great for drive and motivation, especially in the beginning.

    Step 6: Go to Step 1 and repeat forever.

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