‘Tis the Season

    With Christmas and New Years approaching, it can be difficult to keep your diet in check. While celebrating the holidays and enjoying all the festive treats, baking and drinks, there are a few things you should know.

    A rapid change in diet can pose some significant risks to your health. When there is a change in diet (and lifestyle) many organs have to work overtime and the body has to learn to adapt. During the holidays, this sudden change in diet, along with the stress involved can have a huge impact as the body quickly tries to produce more enzymes that become depleted and clean out toxins like sugar, alcohol, chemicals and pesticides. All while trying to do this with little nutrition. Loads of free radicals are produced as a result of this over-load and especially if the body isn’t already functioning at it’s finest, you could be in some trouble, if not now, possibly later.

    Holiday binges can leave you with illness, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, irritability, anxiety, obesity, circulatory disorders like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, asthma and allergies, candida, insulin resistance, hypo-hypererglycemia, mental fog, thyroid and other hormone imbalances, PMS… just to name a few. Yes, these are all related to toxic load and protecting yourself before this happens is important.

    Here are just a few healthy tips you may find helpful:

    1. Make choices! I think I have already mentioned this a few times. It is important to be ‘conscious’ and aware while enjoying the treats we love and to remember ‘who’ is in control. Smaller, more frequent meals are a great way to cut back on the total intake of food energy.

    2. Antioxidants! Along with turkey dinner and all the fixins, don’t forget your FRESH antioxidant rich foods like mineral rich healthy greens, variety of vegetables, tropical fruits, berries and green tea. I challenge you to have an appetizer with these protective foods before you dig in to the main meal 😉

    3. Buy and prepare fresh foods. Shop wise:  http://www.organic.org/articles/showarticle/article-214  BPA is found in almost all epoxy linings of aluminum cans and on the inside of some frozen cardboard boxes. Choose tetra pak cartons or glass jars with a noticeable pocket of air between the jar and the lid for sauces and broths.

    4. Choose healthy raw cheeses (now available at most local grocers) instead of the processed, pasteurized and artificially coloured kinds.

    5. Avoid processed meats that are full of chemicals and dangerous nitrites. See: http://www.sixwise.com/newsletters/07/08/22/the-dangers-of-nitrites-the-foods-they-are-found-in-and-why-you-want-to-avoid-them.htm

    6. Use the stove for cooking and to reheat leftovers instead of the microwave. If you choose the microwave, use glass rather than plastics. Do not cover in plastic wrap. Store leftovers in glassware.

    7. Drink plenty of fresh, clean water! This one should probably come first. It is very easy to become dehydrated this time of year, especially in this climate. Water also helps with appetite control.

    While you may be over-stuffed, taking some extra time to serve your family and friends a healthy meal that is not ladden with chemicals is well worth it in the end. While this is just a small portion of what is out there, I hope it helps.


    Please note: I will be offering informational, cooking/raw food classes in the new year on specific topics so stay tuned! If you are interested in learning more about what I have to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

    Have a safe and happy holiday season! Cheers!

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