Trans Fats- Bad News!

    What exactly are trans fats?

    The hydrogenation of unsaturated fats leads to hydrogenated oils (breaking double bonds) to make them easily spreadable. When that process is not complete, it then becomes Trans Fatty Acids = spreadable rancid non-food. Don’t believe the ‘healthy’ claims, they are not heart healthy, not good.

    Trans fatty acids can contribute to immune dysfunction. They increase bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol.

    Better options:

    Butter, organic and in moderation (as it is saturated) can be a good source of  several nutrients.

    Coconut Oil (my favorite) – so delicious! Also partly a saturated fat so in moderation is best. This oil packs some serious goodness -use it for cooking, baking, popcorn (mmmm!!) on your skin, in your hair… so many uses, check it out!


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