What’s in your kids lunch?

    Making school lunches can be a daunting, extremely repetitive task! Especially when dealing with allergies and restrictions in schools. The simple task of deciding what to prepare, shopping every other day only to have your child come home with half his or her lunch, can leave you feeling anxious and annoyed. Not to mention, what a waste of good food!

    Tips to help your kids stay happy, healthy and get the food IN their tummies at school:

    First, ask your child to prepare a list of foods they like. Encourage your child to try something new each week and add to the list.

    Second, have them come shopping with you. It is fun for kids to take control, helps them feel important and great for their self-esteem.

    Third, involve them in some of the preparation of their lunches. After all, they will need to learn to do this eventually on their own. Prep the evening before, this allows for more time in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast!

    These simple steps will help your child will enjoy their food because they were involved in their meal.

    A healthy lunch should include several small portions of fruits and veggies and berries and preferably a protein like beans, hummus, seeds, nuts (if allowed) or some type of whole grain. (try making a fresh grain salad) Home made soup or chili is another great option. Fresh sandwiches with home cooked meats an sprouts are good. Whole grain wraps with lots of fresh veggies and sprouts. Home made protein bars or muffins can be a great addition, provided they are not full of sugar and refined flours. Limit or exclude the processed sandwich meats that are full of nitrates and carcinogenic chemicals. Try to stay away from boxed drinks and fruit juices as they are just concentrated sugars that will fill a child’s tummy with empty calories. Always send fresh filtered water to school, that is all they need. We want them to eat their fruit, not drink it.

    Remember there isn’t much time to eat at school so smaller portions and ‘finger’ type food is best.

    ‘Lunchables’ and pre-packaged lunch foods like ready-made tuna cups are simply non-food and have little to no nutritional value.

    Studies have proven that hyperactive children, violent behaviours and children that develop health issues like ADD, ADHD and other health problems lack many of the essential nutrients that support proper brain function.

    *I am currently interested in working with a child for one of my case studies, if anyone is interested, please message me.

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