I like to run. What do you do for your body?


    • physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension
    • a specific response by the body to a stimulus,as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normalphysiological equilibrium of an organism.


    • hormone produced by the adrenal glands during times of stress.


    • weight bearing exercise that supports proper mineral bone density.
    • helps maintain healthy body weight.
    • helps the body detoxify harmful chemicals and bacteria.
    • decreases stress and promotes happiness.
    • helps increase metabolism, digestion and immunity.
    • helps the body produce healthy hormones and brain chemicals.
    • develops a healthy heart and lungs.

    Running is so much more to me than just a workout. There is just ‘something’ about that high I get when the salty, sweat beads down my face after a couple of hours of pounding the earth as if I am on a mission to get somewhere fast! I think of running as, ‘my

    time’, I truly do. Just me, my thoughts and several carefully chosen playlists on my ipod that get me going. It is truly a rush, a time to reflect on what matters most, a time for positive thought. That’s not to dismiss the fact that more than likely you might spot me from time to time with my beloved training partner, Chance. My brave soul, I imagine the exhaustion from having to carry those big, fat flapping lips for and hour while he runs, but he sure does love it as do I. Especially when I get that little nudge just as those big brown eyes look up at me with pure happiness. (I am pretty sure he is smiling at that moment)

    I have always loved to run, as a teenager I did the odd 4-5 km run, haha. Even when I was a smoker several years back. I remember strategically planning my runs around my next cigarette. Sound crazy? Yeah it really was. I had it down to a science, I am sure my lungs would have cursed me if they could, but I never did quit. The running that is. I believe I am close to being free and clear from the deadly toxins that I once allowed to ravish my body. Just a few more hundred cleanses and I should be good as new 😉

    Sure I take the odd ‘break’ from the sport of running every now and then, but it always has crept it’s way back as soon as my busy life permitted. I now engage in several different sports on a regular basis aside from my first love. I have always said that I will usually try anything once. Ok, maybe even twice. I am a bit of a sucker for punishment and if you already know me, you know I don’t give up easy 😉

    IMG_2555In the summer months, racing usually becomes a part of my running regime. The thrill of a new trail in some new destination I have never been to and the adventure of the unknown is a sure fire way to get my adrenaline pumping every time! I managed to persuade my hubby to join me last year and this yearly endeavor will be a new tradition for us, yipee! I am also anxiously anticipating that perhaps this summer my beautiful, talented daughter shall accompany me across the finish line in pursuit of her first 5 km race 🙂

    I cannot see myself ever retiring anytime soon from my addiction. Aside from several ‘little’ aches and pains (mostly from improper training and/or poor biomechanics from previous injury) and some time off here and there to explore something new, I am a    life-er. Running is in my blood.

    Mike and I after our race on Whistler Mountain.

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