Mmmm… “Egg Nog”

    As an Egg Nog lover myself, I much prefer this home made version over the popular in-store chemical one. ENJOY 🙂


    3 cups fresh made almond milk or brazil nut milk

    2 cups cashews (I used about 1/2 cup raw cashew butter instead)

    2 thai coconuts (meat only)

    2 vanilla beans (I used liquid vanilla)

    1 tsp nutmeg

    pinch of cloves

    3 tsp stevia or 6 tbsp raw honey

    1 tsp cinnamon

    Blend together well in a high -speed blender until creamy. Chill for a few hours. Serve with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top for garnish.

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    1. Wow! This sounds amazing! I will definitely be making this next month 😉

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