Info Sessions: A Healthy Workplace

Wellness is the focus of many workplaces lately, and there are several reasons why. Successful weight management initiatives reduce short-term disability expenditures, improve worker productivity, and lessen the indirect costs associated with overweight and obesity.

A healthy workforce also means less sick days, higher productivity, and less stressed employees. We offer various services to large corporations and small business.

Workplace Seminars & Culinary Presentations

We present on various topics, here are some of the topics we’ve done in the past:

  • Nutrition 101: Eat your way to your best health
  • Optimizing Nutrition: Eat well. Live better.
  • Stress Management: Managing stress through diet & lifestyle
  • Dining On-the-Go: 5 steps to fast-paced nutrition
  • Body vs Mind: Understanding the connection
  • Immunity: Nutrition strategies to boost your immune system
  • Disease Prevention: Reduce your risk at work & at home 

Do you have your own topic in mind? We are happy to accommodate any topic. 
Please inquire regarding your corporations quote and availability.

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What employees are saying… 

“Great presentation and I now changed my lifestyle!”


“Great topic and wonderful speaker!”